Heritage 3

Bayeux cathédrale 10 - copieBayeux: World renowned thanks to its famous tapestry dating back to the 1066 invasion of England, UNESCO classified Bayeux is one of the top tourist attractions in Normandy. It is also one of the oldest and best preserved Cities in Normandy with 2000 years of history. A walk through the old centre is a walk through time, from the Romano/Gallic era passing through medieval times, the period of industrial development and on to memories of the landings in 1944 and the arrival of General De Gaulle and his first speech in a liberated France.

CALVADOSIENNE -La Calvadosienne: The oyster‐farm. This company was founded in 1991 and was one of the first oyster‐farms to be set up in France. Since then, many others have appeared, but at La Calvadosienne they produce a particularly fine salty and fleshy oyster “the Special Norman” which has won many gold medals at the international agricultural show at Paris. You will get to see all the stages involved, and also taste the product. Not to be missed!

boite sablé d'asnellesSablés d’Asnelles: A joy for all your senses. This wonderful little enterprise has made sublime biscuits using local butter from Isigny since 1904. Everyone leaves with a smile.

photo presentation H2o bisH20 Parapluies : Umbrellas: This small factory makes the most wonderful bespoke umbrellas of the highest quality. You will discover the steps involved in their manufacture and can choose from a large variety of materials and handles. Supply a photo and you can order your own unique umbrella. All the umbrellas are guaranteed for life and are sold only in this shop.